Music from Death Row

Abu Ali

Abu Ali – Precious Lord Take My Hand

Abu Ali – How Great Thou Art

Abu Ali – Amazing Grace

Abu Ali writes: “On April 8th, 2002, the United States Supreme Court granted me a stay [of execution], while sitting on death watch.  The tape before you is one which I recorded in part to preserve that moment of grace and to proclaim and demonstrate my appreciation.”  For more information on Abu Ali’s case, see or

Abu Ali is again facing execution.  To sign a petition asking Governor Haslam of Tennessee to grant clemency to Abu Ali, go to

abu ali2

Kennath H

Kennath – A Brighter Day

Kennath is a self-taught artist and musician.  In his artist’s statement, he writes: “I feel honored and privileged to be an ambassador of agape love.  I always continually strive to improve myself spiritually, morally, physically, and intellectually, and I am always willing to contribute to helping others do the same.  I pray that I can always help or bless others in some way and demonstrate GOD’s agape love to them.”

Kennath Artez Henderson - "Agape Love" (oil on canvas)

Kennath H – “Agape Love” (oil on canvas)


1 Response to Music from Death Row

  1. heidi d scott says:

    don’t worry…………….. be happy

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