July 6 Day of Solidarity with Maroon


Calling all maroons, revolutionaries, prisoner supporters, and all who oppose solitary confinement and torture in the u.s. and abroad! Come what may, make July 6 a day of solidarity, celebration, and resistance with Russell Maroon Shoatz! Organize an event in your city or locality!

Political Prisoner Russell Maroon Shoatz has spent over thirty years in solitary confinement as a result of his history of resistance to white supremacy and mass incarceration. The Pennsylvania Department of Corrections has told Maroon supporters repeatedly that they transferred him to SCI Mahonoy for the purpose of releasing him into general population and that it will take up to 90 days.

If his captors keep their word, won by the pressure of his family and his allies like you, he will soon be released from solitary and July 6th will be a great victory celebration.

If his captors break their word and continue to keep our movement elder in solitary confinement and sensory deprivation, your July 6th gathering will be an opportunity for everyone to write hundreds of letters of protest to flood Secretary Wetzel’s office.

We strongly advise all participating autonomous groups to be fully prepared for either eventuality! That means envelopes, postage, paper, pens, copies of the relevant information, food, drinks, music, camera phones, internet! Every local group should create the July 6th event appropriate and most effective for their own community– even if it is you and two comrades or you by yourself!

Together we will be celebrating victory or pushing for immediate action. Either way there is a long struggle ahead and unity is key.

Free Maroon! Free all political prisoners! End solitary confinement and mass incarceration! …because when we resist solitary confinement, political imprisonment and mass incarceration together, no one is alone! Not Maroon and not you!

Send your event announcement to freemaroonshoatz@gmail.com so we can post on russellmaroonshoats.wordpress.com.

And, if Maroon is still in solitary on July 6, send your letters demanding his release to Pennsylvania Department of Corrections Secretary Wetzel at:

Secretary John Wetzel
1920 Technology Parkway
Mechanicsburg, PA, 17050
Phone number: 717-728-4109
Fax number: 717-728-4109

Send copies to freemaroonshoatz@gmail.com. Share what you are doing! #FreeMaroon #EndSolitary

P.S. SAVE THE DATE: We will be calling on you again soon for Maroon’s 70th birthday, August 23rd, to flood the prison with birthday cards!

When we resist solitary confinement together, no one is alone!


About rethinkingprisons

Art, philosophy and activism from Tennessee's death row
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