The color of resistance: a panel on Russell Maroon Shoats

On October 11, from 4-6pm in Buttrick Hall 102, there will be a panel at Vanderbilt University to discuss the work of Russell Maroon Shoats. Maroon is a writer, activist, and political prisoner who has been held in solitary confinement for 21 consecutive years in a Pennsylvania prison.

In his life and work, Maroon draws connections between the decentralized political structure of maroon (or fugitive slave) communities, radical black politics, the Occupy movement, environmentalism, and global feminisms. In recent years, Maroon has collaborated with a group of ecosocialist artists and activists called Scientific Soul Sessions.

This panel discussion will address personal, political and philosophical aspects of Maroon’s life and work. Participants include Maroon’s daughter, Theresa Shoatz, journalist and member of Scientific Soul Sessions, Kanya D’Almeida, Vanderbilt History professor and author of Atlantic Creoles in the Age of Revolution, Jane Landers, and Vanderbilt Philosophy professor and author of Social Death and its Afterlives: A Critical Phenomenology of Solitary Confinement (forthcoming from Minnesota University Press), Lisa Guenther.

Shoats poster


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